A photo of a nice building in Teguise

Teguise is the historical capital of Lanzarote, a real authentic old town on the island with its many old buildings and cobblestone streets.

Costa Teguise

A photo of the beach Playa del Jablillo in Costa Teguise

Costa Teguise is one of the most beautiful coastal towns of Lanzarote. It is located near the capital Lanzarote, but it is much quieter and prettier.

Puerto del Carmen

An image of the boulevard of Puerto Del Carmen

Puerto del Carmen is a real vibrant but touristic town. There is plenty to do over here, so you won’t have to be bored when staying in Puerto del Carmen.

Playa Blanca

A photo of the lagoon Playa Flamingo

Playa Blanca is a beautiful town located on the island’s southern side. It is quite a large town, but it doesn’t feel so if you’re strolling around here.