What to do in 1 week Lanzarote: Jameos del Agua, Timanfaya, and more

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Lanzarote has many great highlights. Visit Puerto del Carmen, Jameos del Agua, Timanfaya National Park, and hike a volcano in one week on this beautiful island.


What to do in Lanzarote if you have one week? Lanzarote is a beautiful island with many exciting, stunning, and loving highlights to explore. From cities such as Puerto del Carmen to adventures such as climbing a volcano, Lanzarote has it all. One week is not enough to see them all. Therefore, we created atravel itinerary with the must-sees that fit in a one-week holiday to Lanzarote.

We would like to give an extra tip for traveling around in Lanzarote. You can rent a campervan; this makes you flexible while traveling around in Lanzarote. CHCampervans Lanzarote has great campervans, varying from 2 to 6 persons, and they offer excellent service. You can read more about CHCampervans Lanzarote here.

Day 1 Puerto Del Carmen

Puerto del Carmen is one of the most touristic and vibrant towns of Lanzarote. Ideal for spending your first day and for acclimatizing. Puerto del Carmen is located on the southern coast, nearby the airport, so it’s also just a short drive from there. Time to relax and start your holiday in Lanzarote! Here, you can read more about Puerto del Carmen.

An image of the Main Street with some shops of the city Puerto del Carmen
The Main Street of Puerto del Carmen
An image of the boulevard of Puerto Del Carmen
Puerto del Carmen: the boulevard

What To Do In Puerto Del Carmen?

Playa Chica

The vibrant city of Puerto del Carmen offers more than enough things to do. You can start your day by visiting one of the beaches located here. We recommend you visit Playa Chica. This beautiful small inlet is quieter than the big touristic beaches on the rest of the island. With the waves crashing into the rocks, you are getting a good impression of the rough volcanic landscape of Lanzarote. Read more about Playa Chica here. 

Bars & Restaurants

Suppose you are completely relaxed again or done with sunbathing and swimming. In that case, it’s time to explore the boulevard with all its bars, restaurants, and shops. It is practically happy hour all day long, so time for a nice cocktail!  

A photo of Maury and Dave drinking a beer in Puerto del Carmen during Happy hour
Puerto del Carmen boulevard: drinking a beer during happy hour

Where To Sleep In Puerto Del Carmen

$ Pool & Relax. 

The name already gives it away, here you can have the most comfortablestay in Puerto del Carmen. It is located a 4-minute walk from the beach, and it has nice modern apartments. 

$ Apartamentos HG Lomo Blanco. 

A bit better priced, but still very comfortable apartments. It is also close to the beach, and it has two pools. The apartments are a bit more dated, but it’s kept very clean. 

A photo of the pool & relax apartments in Puerto del Carmen
Pool & Relax apartments

Where to sleep with the campervan

There is a parking place called Parking Playa Chica, which is a great place to park your campervan. Don’t expect an empty parking place, you are near a city, but if you are lucky there is a nice spot on the seaside, with ocean views. 

Where To Eat In Puerto Del Carmen?

As mentioned already, the boulevard is packed with bars and restaurants. However, there is one restaurant that really stood out for us. Starscafe Restaurant looks really fancy and exclusive. However, the food and drinks are really nicely priced! The food is good, and the wines are great. Read more about Starscafe restaurant here. 

A photo of part of the menu at Stars Cafe Restaurant in Puerto del Carmen
Stars Cafe Restaurant menu

Day 2 Timanfaya National Park

How can you visit a volcanic island without visiting the rough volcanic landscape? The Timanfaya National Park is a famous volcanic national park in the southwestern part of the island. It is around 50 kilometers square and entirely made up of volcanic soil. You can read more about this park over here.

A panoramic image of the volcanic area at Timanfaya National Park
The Timanfaya National Park

What To Do At Timanfaya National Park

There are two ways to visit this park; the first is by the ‘Ruta del Litoral’ hiking route. This is the only way to visit the National Park without guidance. It is a 12 kilometers long hiking trail, one-way, and most of the route, you are walking over the volcanic rocks, so it’s quite a challenging track. You can choose to walk part of the trail. 

The other option is to book a guided tour. Then you will drive through the Park with a tour bus. They will also show some geothermal demonstrationsfrom the heat that still is present in the ground after the latest eruptions. A perfect alternative if you are not into hiking that long.

A photo of Maury during her hike on Ruta del Litoral
Hiking in the Timanfaya National Park: El Ruta del Litoral

Where To Sleep After Visiting The Timanfaya National Park

There are no hotels in the Timanfaya National Park, so you have to stay overnight in one of the villages. We give one option located in Yaiza, a small village just at the border of the National Park. Timanfaya Casa Rural is a small and quiet hotel, away from tourism but with beautiful views over the volcanic area.

Where to sleep with the campervan

Unfortunately, you are not allowed to sleep in the Timanfaya National Park. However, we found a great option to park your van at the border of the Park, where you still can enjoy the rough volcanic landscape. Navigate to Playa de las Malvas, a black sanded beach on the northwestern coast. Be aware that it is a 5km long dirt road that brings you there, so it might take a while.

An image of the black sand beach Las Malvas
Black sand beach las Malvas

Day 3 Caldera Blanca Volcano

Probably you can’t get enough of the mysterious but beautiful volcanic areaof Lanzarote. How cool would it be to climb a volcano during your holiday in Lanzarote? Lanzarote has many volcanoes in and outside of the National Park. We found one that we thought was worth the climb, the Caldera Blanca volcano. This hike is not so tricky; the elevation is relatively low. Here you can find more in-depth information about climbing the Caldera Blanca volcano. 

A photo of the Caldera Blanca taken by a drone
The Caldera blanca volcano

Where To Sleep After Hiking The Caldera Blanca

After the hike, you are probably longing for some relaxing time, maybe an afternoon at the swimming pool? In that case, it is time for a bit more luxury. In the village of Tinajo, which is nearby the starting & ending point of the Caldera Blanca hike, you can find a few villas with a swimming pool and beautiful views over the volcanoes. One really stood out for us: Villa Eloisa

Where to sleep with the campervan

There is a small parking place at the hike’s starting point, and you can easily stay overnight here. However, if you have plenty of time, you can also drive back to Playa de las Malvas to stay here again. 

Dave is driving in the camper through the Timanfaya National Park
Driving with a camper through the Timanfaya National Park

Day 4 Famara + overnight stay Ecodome

After exploring the volcanic area of Lanzarote, it is time to move up to the northern and more green side of the island. Famara Beach is a beautiful golden-sanded beach surrounded by mountain cliffs. It is located inside a nature reserve and is a true Walhalla for surfers. Read more about Famara Beach here. 

An image on the beach with people learning how to surf
A surfing lesson at Lanzasurf

What To Do At Famara Beach

As mentioned already, Famara Beach is a true Walhalla for surfers! If you are into surfing, you should take a surfing lesson or rent some equipment at the surfing school Lanzasurf! Even if you don’t want to surf, watching all the watersports here is great. After a day on the beach, you can go to the village Caleta de Famara, where you can just stroll around or have a drink or dinner.

An image of Maury trying to surf
Trying to surf at Lanzasurf

Where To Eat At Caleta De Famara

There are plenty of bars and restaurants in Celata de Famara; you can feel the surfing vibe if you walk around here. If you are not looking for a fancy restaurant but just want to have a bite, you should go to Beach Food Las Bajas. The burgers are great, and they have a laid-back atmosphere.

The Ecodome Experience

Especially when you have done the surfing, you probably long for some luxury and comfort. A few kilometers from the town of Teguise, away from all the business, you can find the Ecodome experience. This is one of the most special overnights stays on the island. Watch the sunset over the volcanoes, or admire the starry sky at night. Read more about the Ecodome experience here.

An image of an Ecodome
The Ecodome, located near Teguise
A picture of Maury and Dave sitting in the Ecodome enjoying the beautiful views
Beautiful views from the Ecodome

Day 5 Teguise

After a good night’s sleep, it is time to explore the historical capital of Lanzarote: Teguise. This town brings you back to Lanzarote in the 15th century with its cobblestone streets and historical buildings. It used to be the capital of Lanzarote, but it must give up that name to Arrecife in the 19th century. 

A photo of a nice building in Teguise
A nice building in Teguise

What To Do In Teguise

If possible, go here on a Sunday. Then this town really comes to life with its Sunday market. The market itself is not so special; however, it gives ambiance to the town. If you don’t want it to be too crowded, come early in the morning. Besides shopping, you can also choose to just stroll around in Teguise and admire the buildings. There are also some cozy cafes to have a cup of coffee.

Where To Sleep In Teguise

There are not many hotels in or around Teguise. Therefore, we recommend traveling further to Costa Teguise and going to Club Santa Rosa already. You can read more about this hotel at Day 6 or over here.

Where to sleep with the campervan?

Because you are near the big coastal cities, it’s hard to find a quiet place to sleep there. We recommend you to drive around a bit around Teguise; you will find a good place to park and sleep. For example, enter these coordinates in Google maps for an optional place to stay with views over the volcanoes: 29.064827, -13.576310.

Day 6 Costa Teguise

Time to travel further to the beach again, to a beautiful town called Costa Teguise. Costa Teguise is probably one of the best-maintained cities we’ve seen. They really took time to even decorate the round-a-bounds. It’s a vibrant town with restaurants, bars, and many shops, without it being as touristic as, for example, Puerto del Carmen. Read more about Costa Teguise.

A photo of Playa de los charros, a beach in Costa Teguise
Playa de los Charcos

What To Do In Costa Teguise

If you are into sports, the few kilometers long and beautiful boulevard is ideal for running or cycling along. There are also enough restaurants and bars to enjoy great lunch or some drinks. If you are into a relaxing day: visit one of the 4 beaches. We recommend you go to Playa de las Cucharas or Playa del Jablillo. These beaches are ideal for swimming and sunbathing.

A photo of the beach Playa del Jablillo in Costa Teguise
The beach in Costa Teguise: Playa del Jablillo

Where To Sleep In Costa Teguise

As mentioned in day 5, Club Santa Rosa is the ideal place to stay overnight. This resort really has it all, luxurious rooms and also plenty to do. If you are into sports, this resort has many options, such as their padel courts, bowling alley, and in and outdoor pools. They also serve lunch and dinner, and they have a pool bar. Read about Club Santa Rosa here. 

Where To Eat In Costa Teguise

How can you visit a Spanish island without eating tapas? Well, in our opinion, the best tapas restaurant in Lanzarote is located in Costa Teguise. La Tabla has many delicious tapas dishes, but also for those who are more into a piece of meat, they also serve the best bbq dishes. Order a glass of wine with your meal, sit back, and relax! Read more about La Tabla over here. 

A photo of Maury having dinner in the La Tabla tapas restaurant
Having dinner at La Tabla
A photo of tapas at la Tabla
Tapas at la Tabla

Day 7 Creations of Cesar Manrique

On your last day on this beautiful island, it is time to explore a little bit more. Today you will visit the creations of Cesar Manrique. Cesar Manrique was a famous architect who added nature to his buildings, creating the most extraordinary but beautiful places.  

An image of Maury at the pool of Jameos del Agua
Standing at the pool of Jameos del Agua

First, visit Jameos del Agua to see a lava tube converted into a restaurant. The next stop will be Jardin de Cactus, where you find, as the name says: a garden full of cacti. The last creation that you will visit is Mirador del Rio. Located on a short drive from the other two creations, uphill, you find this viewpoint with breathtakingly beautiful views over the island and the neighboring island of la Graciosa.

A picture of different cacti at Jardin de Cactus
Cacti of Jardin de cactus
An image of the views over the island La Graciosa from the viewpoint Mirador del Rio
Views from Mirador del Rio over la Graciosa

Where To Sleep In Teguise

There are many options to stay overnight on the island’s northern side. However, there is one that really stood out for us. At Casa Nube Blanca, they took the time to create a beautiful hotel in a quiet place. A place where you can completely relax again! The owners are warm and open-hearted but a bit spiritual, though. Casa Nube Blanca is located near Yé, near the last stop: Mirador del Rio.

Where to sleep with the campervan

At Jameos del Agua, there is a large parking place almost abandoned at night. Ideal for parking the campervan. You have views over the ocean from here, and we had a great quiet night of sleep here. Another option is at Mirador del Rio, which also has a big parking place from where you can admire the views over the island.

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A photo of Maury, Dave and Zoë during sunset at the Loonse and Drunense duinen


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