A photo of the UTV tour that was organized by Curacao Activities

What to do on a holiday to Curacao: The Hato Caves, Mambo Beach, and more

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Maury van den Wildenberg

What to do in Curaçao besides visiting beaches such as Mambo Beach? You should visit the Hato Caves, book a UTV tour, or climb the Christoffelberg for a beautiful view over the island.


Curaçao is a beautiful Caribbean get-a-way with its snow-white beaches and palm trees. This island really has it all; beautiful beaches, great restaurants, luxurious hotels, adventurous hikes, and many more great things to do when on holiday. Visit the Hato Caves, explore flora and fauna in the Christoffel park, or visit one of the many beautiful beaches such as Mambo beach. 

The best activities to do when on holiday to Curaçao

Many think that Curaçao is all about beaches and never leaving the resort. Nothing is less true.. there are so many activities to do and beautiful places to see on this Caribbean island. There are some adrenaline rush activities, beautiful natural parks, and different hikes that you can do. If you want to go hiking, read this blog about the most beautiful hikes in Curaçao. 

A photo of an inlet at the Christoffelpark
An aerial photo of the Christoffelpark in Curacao

Visit The Hato Caves

A true tourist spot is the Hato Caves. The Hato Caves is more than 300.000 years old and is the most prominent cave on the island. The cave was used as a hiding spot for enslaved people in the early days of the slave trade in Curaçao. This limestone cave is located above the ground instead of under the ground, which makes this a unique place. A very knowledgeable and entertaining guide will lead you through the cave and tells you all about its history and cultural significance of the cave. 

A photo of the limestone cave The Hato Cave.
The Hato Cave is a limestone cave that is located above the ground and is more than 300.000 years old.

After visiting the cave, you can also have a look at the cactus garden, with many different kinds of cacti located on the terrain of the Hato cave. There is also an Indian Trail, which is a self-guided 20-minutes walk in which you will learn a lot about Curaçao’s flora and fauna. You can also see the Indian carvings from 1500 years ago. 

Go On An Exciting UTV Tour

You should book a UTV tour with Curaçao Activities for a real adrenaline rush. You will drive a UTV through the rough terrain on the island’s western side. You will not only drive on the sandy, sometimes wet after a rainy day, planes on San Pedro but also visit a small but hidden cave and make a stop at the Watamula Blowhole, where the water bursts out of a sea cave. After this adventurous drive, you also stop at DaaiBooi beach for a refreshing swim. 

A photo of the UTV tour that was organized by Curacao Activities
Curaçao Activities offers all sorts of adrenaline-rushed tours. We did a UTV tour.

Hike The Christoffelberg For Breathtaking Views

If you are fit enough and in for an adventure: go for a hike on the Christoffelberg (Christoffelmountain). This 372-meters high mountain is worth the climb, the views from the top are breathtaking. It will take around 45-60 minutes to reach the top, but you really have to climb the rocks, especially at the end, so it can be tricky. Beware of bringing enough water, sunscreen, and some food with you. 

A photo at the top of the Christoffelberg during sunrise. In front is a landmark that marks the highest point of Curacao
Views over the island from the Christoffelberg during sunrise. In front is a landmark that marks the highest point of Curaçao.

A special tip for if you are an early bird: climb this mountain before sunrise. You have to start really early, the park opens at 6.00 so check sunrise time to be on time. Only a hand full of people will do this, so it’s really quiet and peaceful at the summit. You will probably see the most beautiful sunrise on this island.  

After a bit easier descent, you can also visit the Christoffel park. Here, you can find 7 more walking trails to admire more of Curaçao’s beautiful flora and fauna. However, if you are tired of the hike on the Christoffelmountain, you can also follow a few of the trails by car ;-). 

A photo of sunrise on the Christoffelberg
Aerial view at the Christoffelberg during sunrise

Explore The Underwater World: Go Diving With Trunk Divers

Curaçao is also an excellent island for diving, and we were ready to explore the underwater world of Curaçao with Trunk Divers. They are located on Kokomo Beach and really take the time to teach you all the ins and outs of diving. You can go for a discover dive, but you can also follow the open water or even the advanced open water course here. 

A photo of Maury getting instructions for a dive with Trunk Divers
Maury is getting good instructions about diving with Trunk Divers
A photo of Maury getting into the waters to start her dive with Trunk Divers
Maury is getting into the water to start her dive

Visit The National Park: Shete Boca

Another must-see on the island is the Shete Boca park, which literally means 7 inlets. Here, you can see the rocky wave-exposed north coast. Visit Boka tabla for an underground cave, where you can see the waves crashing into this cavern. Boka Wandomi is a beautiful limestone natural bridge. At Boka Pistol, you can see the water shooting up in the air, and at Boka Kalki, you can sometimes see the sea turtles laying their eggs. 

An aerial photo of Boka Kali, a small inlet at Shete Boka
Aerial shot of Boka Kali, a small inlet with a river. Lush tropical plants surround this river

You can walk to all the different inlets, but be sure to bring enough water and sunscreen; there is not a lot of shade in this dry area. You can also go by car on the dirt roads that bring you close to most of the inlets. 

Go For A Really Exciting Activity To The Blue Room

Another really exciting activity is visiting the Blue Room. The Blue room is an underwater cave, where the sun shines into the cave, which creates a beautiful blue light. First, you have to get to this place, for which you’ll need to walk. The Blue room is located on the private property of San Nicolas and therefore not accessible by car without permission. 

An aerial photo of the Blue room underwater cave
The Blueroom Is an underwater cave. This is a areal picture of the cave.

The starting point is playa Santa Cruz. From there, a small hiking trail starts,which will lead you to Playa Santa Pretu first. This is the only beach that doesn’t have the typical Curacaoan white sand but black volcanic sand. You will reach this place in 10-15 minutes already. From here, it’s a 30-minutes walk to reach the Blue Room. Don’t forget to bring enough water and sunscreen!

You will need snorkeling gear to reach the Blue Room, so don’t forget! It can be pretty challenging to get to the underwater cave because you need to swim underwater for a few meters while water is flowing in and out of the cave. Only try this when you are a confident swimmer; it can be dangerous, especially when the sea is rough! However, it’s worth it, because it is beautiful inside the Blue Room!

Dont forgetthe beautiful beaches of Curacao

Curaçao is well known for its beautiful white-sand beaches and bright blue waters. If you want to learn more about all the different beaches you can find in Curaçao, read the blog on the most beautiful beaches in Curaçao.Here, I will share a few of them that you should really visit when on holiday to Curaçao.

An aerial photo of the famous beach the Grote Knip
The Grote Knip is a famous beach to relax, and it is far away from touristy areas.

Visit The Most Famous But Also Most Beautiful Beach Mambo Beach

Mambo beach is probably the most famous and touristic, but also one of the most beautiful beaches on Curaçao. This man-made lagoon has it all: a gorgeous white sand beach, plenty of bars and restaurants, and a large boulevard with many shops. There are many different beach bars to choose from. However, I will share my favorite spots on this large beach. 

A photo of three dolphins from the Dolphin Academy which is located at Mambo Beach
Dolphins from the Dolphin Academy are playing joyfully in the waters in front of Mambo Beach
An intersection of the boardwalk at Mambo beach Boulevard
An intersection of the boardwalk at Mambo Beach Boulevard.

My favorite spot is Hemingway beach. It has very luxurious sunbeds, good beach service, and probably the quietest beach spot on Mambo Beach. Beware that if you visit Mambo beach, you are not allowed to just lay your towel on the beach. You must rent a beach bed. When at Hemingway, you can easily move to their restaurant to have a great lunch with the most stunning views.

A photo of Mambo beach at night, of the chill bar
By Night Mambo Beach turns into an energetic party beach. Mambo beach is very touristy and thus pricey.

Another, a bit more casual location on Mambo Beach is Chill bar. Here, you can sit back, have a cocktail, and relax. The hammocks give this place a relaxing vibe, and the hundreds of painted driftwood signs make this a cozy location. Every Friday at 17 it is happy hour when Chill bar is becoming a very famous location every week again!

Go For A Relaxing Day At Kokomo Beach

Another must-visit when in Curaçao is Kokomo Beach. It is a great low-key beach bar where you can lay on the beach or chill in the large lounge areas. A nice advantage of Kokomo Beach is that they serve great lunch and finger foods. Don’t forget to take one of the famous curaçaoan pictures on the Kokomo swing in the water! 

Feel Pampered During A Day At Kokos

Kokos is located on the other most touristic boulevards of Curaçao: Jan Thiel baai. At the quiet end of this beach, you can find Kokos, a truly tropical and luxurious place to lay on the beach. Their sunbeds are the best you can find in Curaçao, and they serve delicious cocktails! If you want to be completely pampered for a day, you have to go there. 

A beautiful aerial photo of Koko's beach at Jan Thiel beach
Koko's beach and bar at Jan Thiel beach

Visit My Favorite Tiny Beach: Kleine Knip

The Kleine Knip is my absolute favorite beach on Curaçao. It is located next to the really famous and touristic Grote Knip but in my opinion more beautiful and less busy and touristic. However, even this tiny beach is getting more popular nowadays. If possible, fill a coolbox with drinks and snacks, or even bring your own bbq! This place really is like paradise. 

A photo of Maury watching the calm waters at beach the Kleine Knip
Maury is watching the calm Caribbean waters of Curaçao at beach the Kleine Knip

Where to eat & sleep in Cuaracao

There are many restaurants, resorts, and bars on the island. I will share a few of my favorites. 

A photo of a delicious lunch dish at Kokomo beach
Delicious food and cocktails at Kokomo Beach.

For The Complete Package, Go To Avila Beach

Avila beach is one of the island’s largest resorts and one of the most beautiful places. You can stay in the resort to have access to this beach all the time, or you can get a day pass to visit this beach. It is almost always quiet here, and this place has different restaurants and bars where they serve delicious food and drinks!

An aerial photo of Avila Beach resort, a man-made lagoon
An aerial picture of Avila Beach Resort and its two man-made lagoons. Perfect for swimming in calm Caribbean waters.
A photo of a wedding at Avila Beach resort
A wedding at Avila Beach

Go To Restaurant De Dames For The Best Lunch And Smoothies On The Island

For the best lunch dishes, you should visit the restaurant De Dames. Their location might not be the most scenic, in the middle of a shopping mall, but their food definitely makes up for this. They also really brightened up the place with a lovely fountain. Their menu is extensive, with sandwiches, pancakes, and the possibility to create your own salad! Make your healthy and delicious lunch complete with one of the many smoothies they have.

Visit Klein Santa Martha For A Unique Overnight Stay

If you want a special place to stay overnight, you should go to Klein Santa Martha. Klein Santa Martha is one of the many country houses on the island, a large sugar-cane and divi-divi plantation from the 17th century. It was one of the top three salt producers on the island. However, it has been transformed into a boutique hotel and restaurant. They have a couple of beautiful rooms and a swimming pool so book in advance!

An aerial photo of Landhuis Klein Santa Martha
Aerial View of Landhouse Klein Santa Martha. Here you can eat, drink and stay overnight with spectacular views.

There are many things to do on holiday to Curaçao, but I think these are the real must-visits. If you don’t want to figure out which activities you can do in one or more weeks on the island: read our travel itineraries for 1, 2, or 3 weeks on this beautiful Caribbean island. Do you think that we miss one or more must-sees on the island? Please leave a comment! 🙂 

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