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The Champagne region in France: 3 ways to spend your day

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The champagne region should definitely be on your bucket list. Explore the beautiful area while tasting the best Champagnes, and learn how this liquid gold is made.


Visiting the Champagne region is one of the things that should be on your bucket list. Suppose you don’t want to see only the biggest and most famous champagne houses and are more interested in the small and authentic places. In that case, this is the right article for you. There are so many different champagne houses that it can be challenging to plan a day in Champagne. Therefore, we give you a few options for spending one day in Champagne!

There are different ways to discover this beautiful area

  • By bicycle: cycle your way through some beautiful villages and visit the best champagne houses
  • By car: In this way, you can get off the beaten track and visit the even more non-touristy champagne houses
  • With an organized tour: If you’re not feeling like planning it all yourself, a guided tour is a great option

Renta bike in the champagne region: start in Epernay

To explore the Champagne region while getting the best out of champagne tastings, rent a bike in Epernay and cycle yourself to different champagne houses. The area is quite large, and we found that champagne houses can be hard to find. Therefore, it is necessary to do a little research before heading out for this beautiful biking adventure.

A photo of a glass of champagne in the vineyards during sunset
Drinking champagne with views over the vineyards

Although maybe not the perfect bikes, the Epernay tourist office also provides you with a map and information about where to go. Keep in mind that you must be back around 17/17.30 because they close. We have already made a list of places we think are worth visiting. If we have forgotten that other perfect and beautiful champagne house at biking distance from Epernay, please leave a comment :-).

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday: 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Costs for a bike: From €25 for a classical bike to €35 for an e-bike per day. It is also possible to rent for half a day. See here the up-to-date rates.

First Some Coffee In Epernay: Boulangerie Paul

Suppose you need some extra energy before working up a sweat to get to the Champagne houses by bike. Make a stop at Boulangerie Paul first to have a delicious cup of coffee. Don’t forget to order a Macaron as well; in our opinion, they serve one of the best we’ve ever had! Boulangerie Paul is located nearby the Office center, on the corner at the round abound. From here, you can start your bike tour through the beautiful Champagne region.

A photo of of macarons and coffee from Boulangerie Paul
Coffee and macarons at Boulangerie Paul

Stop At 27 Faubourg To Have Your First Glass Of Champagne

We would recommend you bike from Epernay in the direction of Damery first, which will take around half an hour. Start by biking to Cumières, from where you should just follow the route passing by the river. You will pass by one of our favorite champagne bars of the whole champagne region: 27 Faubourg. The laid-back place is just a tiny wine bar in a spacious garden, serving delicious and nicely priced champagne. Here you can have a nice break from cycling to have a glass of champagne and recharge before getting to the real Champagne houses.

Champagne tastings with the best views over the vineyards at Champagne G. Tribaut

It takes quite some stamina to reach this nicely located and picturesque village on top of a hill on the bike. However, the views over all the vineyards are definitely worth it. So, for the most charming sights and most delicious champagne tastings, you should visit Champagne G. Tribaut. It is safe to have a few tastings here because the next stop will be more downhill ;-).

A photo of Maury and Dave together in the vineyards around Hautvillers
Vineyards around Hautvillers

Go On A Tour Of The Cellars Of Champagne House Geoffroy In Ay.

Our next stop will be in Ay, a small and serene village perfect for biking through and visiting some of the nice champagne houses. We recommend you visit the champagne house Geoffroy. Here you can have an excellent tour where they explain the procedure of traditionally making champagne. You can finish the day with.. more tastings, of course! If you want to be sure that you can do the tour, you should book in advance.

Opening hours: Monday – Wednesday – Friday – Saturday at 10:30 a.m. or 2:30 p.m.

Costs for a guided tour: €35. The tour will take around 1 hour 30 minutes and is included some tastings.

A photo of Maury enjoying the views over Ay
Sights from Statue de Notre-Dame-du-Grugueta on a hill around Ay

Of course, there are many more champagne houses and other possible routes. This one involves quite some biking with just a few stops in different villages. But remember, the area itself is already so beautiful and worthwhile biking through.

Remember that you visit during the week or on Saturday because most champagne houses are closed on Sundays.

Visitthe most authentic champagne houses by car

Suppose you are not that into biking, and you have a designated driver in your company. In that case, it’s a great idea to explore the champagne region by car. As we mentioned, the champagne region is large. Many great and authentic champagne houses to visit are too far from the two main cities to bike. However, there are three unique places that we really want to share with you.

A photo of a family driving in their car through the vineyards
Drive through the vineyards

Enjoy The Views And High Quality Of Champagne At Lancelot Pienne

If you really want one of the highest quality of champagnes, but also do your tastings with the most beautiful views over the vineyards? Then you should definitely visit Lancelot Pienne in Cramant. Lancelot Pienne is not one of the most known champagne houses among tourists, making this place unique and authentic. Also, the people here are really kind and helpful.

An aerial photo of the champagne house Lancelot Pienne
The champagne house Lancelot Pienne

Overnight In A Vineyard At Meteyer

Definitely, one of our most magical moments in the Champagne region was at the vineyards of Meteyer in Trélou-sur-Marne. We could pitch our tent in the middle of the vineyards for this unique experience. Do you also want such a perfect night here? Contact them, and maybe they can make this possible for you too. Also, don’t forget to visit their champagne house first to buy one of their great bottles of champagne to drink during your night in the vineyards.

A photo of the sunset in the middle of the vineyards of Metier
Sunset at the vineyards of Metier
A photo of Maury and Dave together in front of their tent, pitched in the vineyards
Pitch a tent in the vineyards

The Champagne Region’s Best Rose Champagne At Delavenne

When you are getting tired of all the regular champagnes, if it’s even possible to get tired of this liquid gold, but then you should go to Delavenne in Bouzy. They make the best rose champagne that we have tried. If you visit Delavenne, they can explain their special and unique technique with which this rose champagne is made, the Bouzy Rouge technique.

A photo of the owner of Delavenne champagne house explaining their champagnes to Maury
Delavenne champagne house

Discoverthe champagne region with a guided tour

There is always a way to discover the champagne region, even if you don’t feel like biking, don’t have a car, or want to fully enjoy the tastings. Many tour companies offer fully prepared tours to discover the Champagne region and visit different houses. However, we found one tour company that really stood out from all the companies. We also give some options for those who don’t want to travel outside of the cities but do want to taste champagne.

A photo of a family driving in their car through the vineyards
Drive through the vineyards

Book A Tour With The Champagne Tour Company

If you don’t want to arrange too much and want to be sure to have a great time in the Champagne region, you should book a tour with the Champagne Tour Company. They pull out all the stops to make your stay perfect. They plan the best visits at the most exclusive, mostly small, authentic champagne houses. They make sure you can enjoy the beautiful countryside, and even arrange your overnight stay, if possible, on request. We visited many of the highlights mentioned above because it was perfectly organized by Larry from the Champagne Tour Company. The great thing about this tour company is that they are willing to find solutions to all your questions and wishes.

Just Taste The Best Champagnes At Tresors De Champagne

You can also stay in Reims and visit Tresors de champagne if you are not in the mood for a road trip but still want to taste the best champagnes. Tresors de Champagne is located in the middle of the vibrant city Reims. It is a paradise for those who want to learn more and taste the best champagnes of the whole Champagne region. Every week they make a new selection of the best champagnes for tastings.

A photo of Maury and Dave together with the owner of Trevor's de Champagne
Champagne tastings at Tresors de Champagne

Champagne Tastings At Tresors De Champagne

Another option, if you’re not in the mood to visit all the other villages, is Avenue de Champagne in Epernay. However, consider that these champagne houses are great and well-known, such as Moët & Chandon and Mercier. For us, the fun is in the small and authentic places, but I cannot deny that I felt like a queen walking through the exclusive and expensive bottles in the shop of Moët & Chandon :-).

A photo of the balloon in Epernay
Balloon trip in Epernay

Where to sleep?

Already convinced that a trip to the Champagne region should be on your bucket list? In that case, we will share possible places to stay overnight with you. Different home base cities are possible, depending on what kind of trip you want to do.


If you want to rent a bike and explore the region yourself, you better stay in Epernay. Epernay is not the most beautiful city, but it is pretty small and an excellent base to bike to the surrounding villages. Here are three great options for an overnight stay in Epernay.

$ B&B Hotel Epernay

B&B hotel Epernay is a well-priced option with free parking but located at 15-20 minutes walk to the tourist office center. It has modern rooms and s reasonably ok breakfast.

$ Le Saint-Rémy

If you want an elegant apartment instead of a hotel room, and if you want to stay in the heart of the city (3 minutes walk to the tourist office), Le Saint-Rémy is your best option.

$ La Pelaterie

For really feeling at home with warm and welcoming hosts, La Pelaterie is your best option. Located near the center, with a 10-15 minutes walk to the tourist office to rent bikes.


Not really in the mood for a road trip, but you want to enjoy the best champagnes, for example, at Tresors de Champagne. If you are also interested in soaking up some culture and architecture. Then you should stay in Reims. We gave a few options that are definitely worth staying.

$ Reims – City Center – Cathédrale – FORUM

One of the best-priced options, and located in the heart of Reims, is this lovely apartment. It has a cozy and comfortable room which is fully equipped with a bathroom and kitchen.

$ La Fuseau de Reims

If you need a little bit more space but still don’t want to pay premium prizes, Le Fuseau is a great place to stay. It is nicely decorated and also located in the middle of the city center of Reims.

$ Une bulle en Champagne

A more luxurious place to stay is Une bulle en Champagne. This is also a spacious location, well equipped and nicely decorated. Also located in the middle of the city center and surrounded by lovely restaurants.

A photo of Maury with a lot of champagne
Champagne shopping

These were a few different options for spending a day in the Champagne region. Still, as mentioned before, there are so many other champagne houses and champagne bars to visit, all with their own flair. We really enjoyed our time here and will definitely visit again. What did you think was the nicest champagne house? We would really like to hear if we forgot one!

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