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CH Campervans

CH Campervans provides the opportunity to explore Lanzarote’s volcanic landscape at your own pace. Offering well-equipped campervan rentals, visitors can roam the island’s stunning terrain independently. These vehicles offer comfort and functionality, allowing travelers to experience the island’s natural beauty while enjoying flexibility and convenience

A picture of the owner of CH campervans together with Maury in front of one of their campers


The proprietors of CH Campervans sought fresh online content, specifically for social media use. Employing our professional camera gear, we captured stunning photos and videos tailored for their online platforms. Additionally, we featured their business in one of our blogs, contributing to link building efforts.. Scroll down to see the final result!


To generate top-quality content, we had the chance to use their campervan for a week. It was a win-win: they gained access to high-quality content they’d typically find costly, while we secured excellent material for our needs and a peaceful workspace.

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