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Kokomo Beach Bar offers a peaceful seaside spot where families can spend time together, enjoying meals, sipping refreshing drinks, and taking in the beautiful clear water; it provides comfortable seating options for relaxation without any entry fees, allowing guests to read a book or unwind with a chilled beverage, alongside a professional dive center for those eager to explore the underwater world.

A photo of Maury getting into the waters to start her dive with Trunk Divers


Kokomo aimed to boost their beach bar’s online visibility and requested top-notch content for their digital platforms. Leveraging professional camera equipment, we crafted videos and photos, some of which were featured to showcase their business in our X-plore Curacao travel video. Scroll down to see the final result!


In order to capture the essence of Kokomo’s amenities, we were granted a day at their beach, enjoying access to all their facilities. To showcase their diverse offerings, we featured their signature lunch dishes and stunning cocktails from their extensive menu. Additionally, we took the opportunity to experience a dive session with the dive school situated on their property.

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