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Cmon Hopon creates an ultimate guide to hotspots in a particular city. From trendy cafes to iconic landmarks, Cmon Hopon brings people together by showcasing the best in dining, entertainment, and culture. No entry fees, no hassle – just explore, unwind, and dive into the heart of the vibrant scene. Cmon Hopon is your digital compass for unforgettable city experiences!


Cmon Hopon wanted a really good website to show off all the cool places in a city. We worked hard to make a site that not only tells you about each spot but also makes you excited to explore them. With easy navigation and cool designs, our website is more than just a list – it’s an invitation to discover the special places in each city. Scroll down to see the final result!


During the development of the Cmon Hopon website, we were allowed to stay in different hotels across cities, giving us firsthand insights into diverse hospitality scenes, and we were also granted the opportunity to engage in various activities, including cultural experiences and adventures, all of which played a role in creating the content for the hotspots featured on their platform.

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