Playa Famara

On the northern side of Lanzarote, you can find the surfing Walhalla Playa Famara. Surrounded by mountain cliffs, this golden-sanded beach is a true must-see.
Facilities: No facilities
Price: Free
An image on the beach with people learning how to surf
A surfing lesson at Lanzasurf

Playa Famara is the ideal beach when you’re interested in doing water sports. It is located inside a nature reserve and quite stretched out with its 4 kilometers length. When you arrive here, you will immediately notice the many surfers. In the village of Famara, there also is a true surfing vibe. Definitely worth a visit, but without doing water sports, you might not want to stay here for days. It is not the ideal beach for sunbathing, but worth a visit for sure.


Playa Famara itself does not have restaurants or bars. However, the town of Famara is really cozy and old-school and does have some nice restaurants. You will feel like going back in time when walking through the dirt roads in this place.


Playa Famara is really easily accessible. If you have a car, you can just drive the long road which brings you there, and even with public transport, this place is easy to reach. However, traveling by public transport is quite hard on the weekends.


Playa Famara is surrounded by sand dunes, and this is a protected nature reserve. Even the municipality is not allowed to touch the sand, and therefore, you will see that the roads are covered in a layer of sand that can not be moved.

Tips and Tricks

Suppose you’re going to visit Playa Famara because you would like to go surfing. In that case, we highly recommend you take some classes or rent material from Lanzasurf. They really take the time to teach you with great instructors. Besides this, if you would like to stay here for a few days you can book one of their surfing hostels, so you will meet other surfers.

Best time to visit

You can visit Playa Famara all year round because the weather is almost always good in Lanzarote. It is a true surfing hotspot, so it doesn’t really matter if you’re visiting in wintertime or summertime for a day of surfing. Of course, there is a risk that the wind is too strong for surfing every day.

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An image on the beach with people learning how to surf

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