Playa Chica

A true hidden gem located in the most southern part of Puerto del Carmen. Despite its small size, this is one of the most stunning beaches on Lanzarote.
Facilities: No facilities
Price: Free
An beautiful image of sunset at the beach Playa Chica
A beautiful sunset at the beach Playa Chica

Playa Chica is a small bay surrounded by natural formations of lava. There are many shops and restaurants within walking distance, but the beach isn’t the most touristic. However, you won’t be alone on this beach except on a rainy day. This beach is one of the most picturesque beaches of Lanzarote, especially on a stormy day, when you can see the waves crashing into the rocks. Be careful with swimming; the rocks can be sharp, the current can be strong, and the waves high.


Don’t visit Playa Chica if you long for luxury and service because you won’t find it here. There are no sunbeds and no restaurants directly on the beach (the beach is also really small), but this place is still magical. And don’t worry about getting hungry, it’s really close to the main street of Puerto del Carmen with its many restaurants and bars.


Playa Chica is easily accessible. There is a parking place just next to the beach called ‘Parking place Playa Chica’ on Google maps. Just park, get your towel, and install yourself on the beach for a relaxing day!

Best time to visit

Suppose you want a completely deserted beach and take the most beautiful photos. In that case, we recommend you visit on a cloudy day. No one will lay on the beach, and you can take the most mysterious photographs of this pretty tiny inlet. However, this place is also highly recommended on a sunny beach day.

A photo of Maury, Dave and Zoë during sunset at the Loonse and Drunense duinen


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