The Eco Dome offers the most romantic experience you can imagine. Watch the sunset over all the volcanoes and wake up in the middle of this quiet and natural environment.
Facilities: Toilets
Price: €€€
An image of an Ecodome
The Ecodome, located near Teguise

The Eco Dome experience is one of the most special overnight stays on the island and is located near Teguise. You have beautiful views here, looking over the many cacti and the volcanoes. Imagine yourself under the starry sky of Lanzarote. The room itself is luxurious, with air conditioning, a kitchen, and a bathroom inside. A night in the Eco Dome would definitely be one of the most memorable experiences you can have.


The Eco Dome is not a place you will just drive by because it is hidden a few kilometers from Teguise. However, therefore, this place is really quiet, so a perfect place to relax. If you book an overnight stay at the Eco Dome, you will get very clear instructions on how to get to this place.

Tips and Tricks

The nearest supermarket is in Teguise, so you should bring food and drinks if you don’t have a car at your disposal. They have an outside oven, which is great, but their inside kitchen is also suitable for cooking yourself. This place is perfect for couples because it is really romantic! It is also not possible to stay in the Eco Dome for families, because there is only one double bed.

A photo of Maury, Dave and Zoë during sunset at the Loonse and Drunense duinen


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