About us

Maury, Dave and Zoë

Hello! We’re Maury, Dave, and Zoë. We really love traveling, but what we enjoy even more is documenting all the beautiful places in the world, and great activities for creating a complete travel guide. We make videos, we write, and take photos.

When we’re not exploring, we help other businesses with their online appearance. Maury builds websites, and Dave does online marketing. Our cat, Zoë, a Maine coon, always comes along on our trips and keeps us company!

do we travel

Exploring the world isn’t just a hobby, it’s a way of life. Traveling is our way of learning, growing, and connecting with the incredible diversity that our planet has to offer. We wanted to break free from the conventional 9-to-5 mentality. We believe in a life less ordinary, one that transcends the boundaries of routine and monotony. Traveling lets us break free from normal expectations, make our own path, and decide what success means to us.

do we travel

Meet our Unimog!

To create awesome content in various places worldwide, we needed a way to move around easily. That’s why we got a 4×4 Unimog and transformed it into an expedition truck – our home on wheels!

This vehicle has an interesting history; it used to work for the Dutch Railways (NS). Curious about how we turned it into a camper? Stay tuned for more details on our conversion!

what more?

While the travel lifestyle isn’t overly costly, we do require funds for essentials like transportation, meals, and health insurance. Hence, we work while on the road! As mentioned earlier, we assist other businesses in improving their online presence. We run an online marketing and web design agency, which you can check out at www.uplevel-marketing.com.